szAMB Layer Poultry Lighting Solution

Lighting is one of the most important factors to the layer poultry production. An optimal light climate can significantly improve poultry welfare. szAMB Layer Poultry Lighting has been widely used in different layer farms around the world.

Warm White & Red Lighting for Layer House in Mexico

The Effects of Red Lighting for layer:

Camouflage blood & wound, thus reduce pecking;

Stimulate sexual maturity, improve egg production.

Warm White for Layer House in Columbia

The test result:

2-3eggs more per layer

Less food Consumption

Animal Welfare, szAMB Cares

szAMB Livestock Lighting Solution has been widely used in different poultry farm, pig house, dairy barn across the world. It helps to increase the animal production & welfare, thus helps the livestock farmers to increase the economic profit. It’s highly recognized and the best choice of the lighting for your farm.

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