szAMB Broiler Poultry Lighting Solution

Lighting is one of the most important factors to the broiler poultry production. An optimal light climate can significantly improve poultry welfare. szAMB Broiler Poultry Lighting has been widely used in different layer farms around the world.

Full Spectrum Lighting for Broiler House in Netherlands

The testing result:

50-100g more weight per broiler

10g less food per broiler

Full Spectrum Lighting for Broiler in Denmark

szAMB full spectrum is specially formulated for broiler, it also contains a certain proportion of ultraviolet rays, which can enhance the absorption of vitamin D, help the skeletal muscle growth, and improve feed conversion rate, thus increase profitability.

Animal Welfare, szAMB Cares

szAMB Livestock Lighting Solution has been widely used in different poultry farm, pig house, dairy barn across the world. It helps to increase the animal production & welfare, thus helps the livestock farmers to increase the economic profit. It’s highly recognized and the best choice of the lighting for your farm.

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